Are you always looking for your next caffeine fix? Do you love trying the newest trends in spices and flavors, or are you looking for a place to get some work done away from the office? No matter what you’re looking for in your local coffee shop, we’ve got you covered. Here are five of the best North Central San Antonio coffee shops near The Place at Castle Hills and The Place at Oak Hills properties:

Cyclo Coffee and Barista Academy

Where: 2211 NW Military Hwy #114, San Antonio, Texas 78213

Distance From The Place at Castle Hills: 1.0 miles

Distance From The Place at Oak Hills: 0.8 miles

Price: $

What: This coffee and tea shop is a bit unusual because it also is a barista training center. Their motto is: “Stop in for a cup of joe, walk out a trained barista.†If you’re wanting something unusual or a cup of coffee just the way you like it, this is the place to go. Cyclo’s baristas are determined to get it right and are known for going above and beyond, even going out to get new ingredients or making the drink over again until it’s absolute perfection.

What’s Brewing Store

Where: 138 East Rhapsody Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78216

Distance From The Place at Castle Hills: 2.7 miles

Distance From The Place at Oak Hills: 2.9 miles

Price: $

What: If you’re looking for a more hipster and trendy vibe, What’s Brewing Store is your go-to place. For nearly 40 years they have been serving coffee with many different flavors from around the world. They pride themselves on making every cup of coffee from specialty graded blends that are freshly roasted, so you never have to worry about a stale pot. This is a great place to talk about coffee with a chocolate mint or organic Galapagos blend in hand.

Mildfire Coffee Roasters

Where: 15502 Huebner Road # 101, San Antonio, Texas 78248

Distance From The Place at Castle Hills: 3.6 miles

Distance From The Place at Oak Hills: 3.4 miles

Price: $

What: Mildfire is a fun and relaxing place to get a great cup of coffee. They take pride in every cup and welcome big groups, families, and singles looking to start their morning off right. You can see their laidback attitude in their name, which used to be Wildfire Coffee. When they got some grief from another chain, they turned the W upside down and called it good. Pretty nice, right?

Aspen’s Brew Coffee

Where: 11255 Huebner Road #100, San Antonio, Texas 78230

Distance From The Place at Castle Hills: 5.1 miles

Distance From The Place at Oak Hills: 4.9 miles

Price: $

What: You need a place to work, read, write, or find some peace and quiet. Well, this San Antonio coffee shop knows how you feel. You can choose from seven different blends, lattes, blended drinks, or smoothies and then find a comfy chair, couch, or table to get some work done. If all that work makes you hungry, pick out a delicious muffin, scone, sandwich, cookie, or brownie to give you the energy you need.

Local Coffee

Where: 7338 Louis Pasteur Drive #204, San Antonio, Texas 78229

Distance From The Place at Castle Hills: 6.2 miles

Distance From The Place at Oak Hills: 6.0 miles

Price: $

What: This coffee shop aims to make the best cup of coffee. Period. They have many interesting flavors, including grapefruit, bananas foster, cherry pie, dark chocolate, and clove. The shop has a modern feel and has plenty of big tables and cozy chairs if you need to work outside of the office or want to meet up with some friends. Best part is, you can buy plenty of ground coffee to make more at home or sign up for a subscription so you always have new flavors to try.

Why go to one of the Starbucks on every corner when you can experience the Alamo City’s unique flavor? As always, be sure to tell us which North Central San Antonio coffee shop is your favorite in the comments below!

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