MCLife Co-Work Place is located within our apartment community at The Place at Castle Hills and is available for residents and non-residents alike.

Our co-workers are mostly remote employees and self-employed people who have come together to create a productive place for working socially. Instead of toiling in cluttered back bedrooms, noisy coffee shops, isolated private offices, and crowded public libraries , we now can work and socialize in this wonderful space.

We share an open, space with movable furniture, abundant power outlets, and high speed WI-FI made for a flexible environment. This open-concept floor plan, as well as our high ceilings, make for a comfortable workplace without compromising on professional appeal. There is space for private phone calls, a large, open kitchen stocked with snacks and coffee, a private bathroom, a conference room, and a multi-function printer/scanner/copier.

If you’d like a better place to do your own work, we’d love to meet you.

MCLife Co-Work Place at The Place at Castle Hills, 11800 Braesview, San Antonio, TX 78213.

For more information on the MCLife Co-Work Space please call 210-802-6604 today!

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