National Pet Parents Day is coming up, April 25th to be exact. If you are looking for a way to celebrate but you live in an apartment check out these dog breeds that are best suited for apartment life. 

Here at MCLife we never have any breed or sizing restrictions on pets. We are 100% pet friendly. That being said, you should do what is best for you and for your dogs. Some dogs are just more suited to the lifestyle that comes with living in an apartment. 

Taking the time to decide on an appropriate pet is important, kudos to you for doing some research before you dive headlong into a lifelong commitment. 

We always recommend adopting pets, there are so many pets in shelters that need our help. So once you decide what kind of dog you want for your dog friendly San Antonio life you’ll want to check out these amazing shelters in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. 

San Antonio Shelters To Support: 

No one knows more about dog friendly San Antonio than these shelters. They’re working hard to keep pets safe and secure while finding them amazing forever homes. If you are looking for the best apartment dogs in San Antonio you’ll want to make these places your first stop. 

Animal Defense League of Texas



210 Tuleta Dr, San Antonio, TX 78212

San Antonio Humane Society



4804 Fredericksburg Rd. San Antonio, TX 78229

Pause for Paws



P.O. Box 160213 San Antonio, TX 78280

Now let’s go ahead and check out some of the best dogs suited to apartment life so you can get to living that dog friendly San Antonio life! 

Best Dogs For Life In An Apartment: 

Bichon Frise

These pups are only about 15 pounds and they shed very little making them excellent apartment dogs. 


I know, it seems crazy but greyhounds have been bred to exercise in spurts. They like to lounge most of the time. Take them out to the dog park for a good run once a day and you’ll be good! If you are looking for a dog that is large in stature but will still like life in an apartment this is a great option for you! 


Pug’s are notoriously couch potatoes. They’re also quite small. Keep their exercise in check with some walks and monitor their calorie intake to keep them healthy and happy for a nice long life! 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Clocking in at just around 15 pounds these little cuties take a little more in the upkeep department because of their long coats but they’re happy apartment dwellers. 


At just 10 pounds these little sweethearts are compact enough to enjoy life in even small apartments. They’re notoriously entertaining as well so your new best bud will be happy to keep life interesting in the apartment. 

Shih Tzu

Tiny, funny, and great with kids and other dogs. Shih Tzu’s make great apartment dogs…even if they were bred originally to live in Chinese palaces! 

Boston Terrier

These guys are lively and very entertaining but their small size and short coats make them great for apartment life. 


Though they have longer coats that need to be trimmed and maintained they don’t shed often and since they weigh in at around 7-8 pounds they’re excellent for living in apartments. 

German Spitz

Foxy and fox like. The German Spitz is a great option if you want a devoted pet that is eager to please and happy to guard the home. 

Italian Greyhound

Like their racing cousins these little cuties are usually around 10 pounds instead of 60 and they love a good snuggle. 

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