When you think of the San Antonio culinary scene, you probably conjure images of barbecue, Tex-Mex, and other Southern delicacies. But have you ever thought about warm, delicious bagels? If not, it’s time to start because February 9th is National Bagel Day, and we have the ultimate guide to where to get the best bagels near our San Antonio apartments.

Chicago Bagel & Deli

Where: 10918 Wurzbach Road #132, San Antonio, Texas 78230

Distance From The Place at Oak Hills: 2.4 miles

What: You could not pick a better spot to celebrate National Bagel Day than Chicago Bagel & Deli. They boil and then bake their bagels to give them just the right texture and flavor. Go for a classic like plain, blueberry, everything, or sesame seed with cream cheese or jelly, or choose something a little more decadent like a chocolate chip, spicy Italian tomato, or maple French toast bagel. You also can order any of their tasty sandwiches on a bagel instead of bread, which sounds like the right choice to me!

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Where: 3100 Schofield Road #1179, Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234

Distance From The Place at Houston Street: 4.4 miles

What: Even though this bagel shop isn’t unique to San Antonio, it will delight your palate with some amazing options. You can enjoy a breakfast bagel sandwich at one of their many locations around town, or you can take a dozen home with you to share with your family. You may even like them so much that it becomes a staple of your apartment living lifestyle (and who could blame you?).

Bagel Factory

Where: 15909 San Pedro Avenue #115, San Antonio, Texas 78232

Distance From The Place at Castle Hills: 5.6 miles

What: Celebrate National Bagel Day by spreading your love of bagels with your coworkers. Bagel Factory is the go-to place in San Antonio for local businesses and catering for breakfast or brunch because you can purchase dozens of delicious New York-style bagels. Plus, it never hurts to put in some good will with your boss and coworkers!

Boss Bagel

Where: 6458 North New Braunfels Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78209

Distance From The Place at Castle Hills: 8.0 miles

What: Boss bagel has combined New York-style and Montreal-style bagels into one sweet, dense, and scrumptious bagel process. They start by boiling the dough in agave water and then bake it in a wood-fire oven until it is perfectly done. Along with a ton of flavors, cream cheeses, sandwiches, and other toppings, you also can enjoy your meal with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

We could not be more excited to celebrate National Bagel Day here at MCLife. If you’re a San Antonio foodie, be sure to leave us a comment about your favorite bagel shops, flavors, and toppings in the comments!

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