San Antonio is a big, bustling city. It has the seventh largest population in the U.S. and the roads can be a bit hectic. So, public transportation is your best friend! Here are some of the best ways for getting around San Antonio.


How to access: Get on at one of the many stops. Purchase your far on the bus or through a ticket vending machine.

Where it runs: Cultural sites, the missions, and downtown centers

Cost: $1.30 per trip, $2.75 day pass, or $12 7-day pass

More info: VIVA is a new line that is within the Via Metropolitan bus service. It stops at some of the most popular spots in San Antonio, including cultural sites, the missions, and downtown centers. Some of the biggest spots include the McNay Art Museum, San Antonio Botanical Garden, Brackenridge Park, UTSA Downtown Campus, Tobin Center, and River Walk.

VIA Metropolitan

How to access: Get on at one of the many stops. Purchase your fare on the bus or through a ticket vending machine.

Where it runs: Throughout the city

Cost: $1.30 per trip, $2.60 express service, $12 7-day pass, or $38 31-day pass

More info: If you don’t want to drive during rush hour or want to get from place to place in the Alamo City, the Via Metropolitan can get you anywhere you need to go. There are plenty of stops throughout San Antonio and you can plan your day with VIA’s Trip Planner. You also can text the stop numbers or look at the digital signs at the stops to know when the next bus will arrive.

Bike-Share Program

How to access: Visit the bike kiosk and pay for your ride with a credit card.

Where it runs: Mostly runs North to South from the Witte Museum to the missions

Cost: $12 per day, $18 per month, or $100 per year

More info: B-Cycle is a bike-sharing program in San Antonio that lets you walk up to a bike station, pay for a ride, and then return it to that same station or any other station when you’re done. The system is designed for you to rent a bike for 60 minutes or less, so there are plenty of bikes available for everyone in the city. Instead of wasting money on gas and time stuck in traffic, you can get your exercise in for the day, enjoy some fresh air, and get to where you’re going in no time.


How to access: Your feet!

Where it runs: Everywhere!

Cost: Free!

More info: Alright, alright. We’re being a little silly here, but it’s important to know that one of your best transportation options in San Antonio is walking. While you may need a car or bus pass for some of your errands, there are plenty of places you can walk in San Antonio, especially if you’re in the downtown area. So put on your walking shoes and get moving!

Public transportation in San Antonio gives you plenty of options to get you out of your car and away from traffic. Whether you’re taking the bus, renting a bike, or using your own two feet, you can easily get around the Alamo City.

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