It’s hot outside, so why not celebrate with some hot wings on your plate? Friday July 27th is a big Texas holiday that- honestly, should be an excuse to take off from work. Get your napkins and stomachs ready because it’s National Hot Wing Day! And you know no one serves them up quite as hot as we do in San Antonio.

In fact, we have some of the highest rated hot wing cuisine in the country. San Antonio loves to put its own unique spin on wing flavors and let me tell you- they keep people coming back for more. With yelp reviews that span from “HOLY HOT DANG” to “I would give my life for these hot wings,” you know there’s some special sauce being spread down here.

So what are you doing this Friday? How about skipping plans to eat leftovers at home in front of your TV and instead grab some friends and celebrate this holiday right? With beer and a plate of hot wings.

If you’re new in town or really just unsure of where to go, I’ve compiled a list of the top five places with the highest ratings on hot wings and specialty wings in the city.

Wayne’s Wings With their motto being, “Every order is carefully created to meet your expectations” you know there’s no going wrong here. Rated #1 on yelp, Wayne’s boasts that they have the best chicken wings in San Antonio. Their flavors range from the less hot Texas Honey Bee (Chile Sauce, Cayanne pepper and honey pepper to the MEGA HOT Creeper (Ghost peppers, jalapenos, hot sauce, BBQ, and lemon pepper) There’s so many wing flavors to choose from it’s pretty much a guaranteed win at Wayne’s.

The Hoppy Monk Independent and family owned, the Hoppy Monk calls itself a saloon of sorts. With their well-loved (and reviewed) Gochu IPA Wings, people keep them high on their list as a dinner and drink stop. They also have a dog friendly patio and a great beer selection. I’ve also been told to ask about the seasoned mac & cheese whenever you go there. It’s definitely just an added bonus.

Cullum’s Attagirl  Have you ever heard of peanut butter and jelly wings with Gucci ranch? Well if not, you need to make a stop in. People constantly say if you’re looking for good beer and wings, this is the place to go. Unique flavors, a great atmosphere and cheesecake that is to DIE for. Cullum’s is definitely a good place to stop for all of your wing needs.

Kennedy’s Irish Bar Reviewed as one of the best Irish Pubs in Texas, Kennedy’s offers what they call some of the best wings in town. If you’re looking for that good old bar atmosphere to hang with friends, then this is the place to go. Their menu boasts Mild through Stupid Hot wings for only $13 a dozen or $25 for 25. Bonus points for having karaoke.

Hot Joy Why not go Asian fusion with your wings? Hot Joy is reviewed as the “best place for those late night spicy cravings” and offer not only Korean wings and curry wings, but also an AMAZING sake menu. Talk about the perfect storm.

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