You’re Not a Good Neighbor…But You Can Be

Apartment living can be a great experience, especially if your neighbors are nice. There are a lot of common spaces, community events, and people to make friends with. But sometimes it also can be difficult to get along with that many people in a close space. Everyone has different needs and pet peeves (including yourself), […]

Treat Yourself (or Others) At These Local Shops

With nonstop advertisements for big box stores and national chains, it can seem like they are the only places to go. But there are some great alternatives right in the San Antonio community. Thanks to efforts like Small Business Saturday and the push to shop locally, you can avoid the crowds and corporations when you […]

Looking For The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Parties in San Antonio?

The weekend is almost here and you’re ready to get out of the office and away from home. Lucky for you, tomorrow also is St. Patrick’s Day and San Antonio is planning to paint the town green. Don’t worry if you forgot to make plans for the holiday. The following three festivals are close to […]