It’s never easy to live with someone else, whether you’ve known each other for years or just met. You may have different standards and styles, and it’s easy to get into disagreements. However, tackling roommate issues can help make your living arrangement better for everyone involved.

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Living with Roommates

Talk it Out

Before you move in together, take some time to talk about your expectations. Decide what is important to you to have a happy home and listen to your roommate’s needs and wants as well. Be open to having a conversation and compromising when needed. Some important things to discuss include:

It’s important to be honest during this discussion so you and your roommate know what to expect coming in. This will make sure you’re compatible and that you’re not in for a lot of disagreements and frustration.

Set Boundaries and Rules

Once you get a general idea of how you both want to live, set some more formal rules. Here are a few to consider:

Even if you agree on your living arrangements before you move in, it’s good to know where the line is drawn so there aren’t any unexpected arguments.

Create a Roommate Agreement

It may be helpful to write down a roommate agreement that you both sign before moving in. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and understands the rules and expectations of living in the apartment. If you already live with a roommate and are experiencing some conflict, creating a roommate agreement may help you compromise and resolve your problems. Both parties should sign the agreement so they are accountable.

Living with a roommate can be a great experience or a nightmare. Understand that confrontations happen with even the best of friends, but if you are respectful and courteous of your roommate’s needs, you can share your space easily and happily. Tackling roommate issues rather than ignoring them can help you to enjoy your roommate experience.

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