Finding time to exercise can be difficult in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You don’t need an expensive gym or trainer to keep you motivated and in shape, and you don’t even need to dedicate a lot of time to burning calories. Check out these six at home exercise routines that will target different parts of your body in just 15 minutes.

1. Arm Workout

This workout from Women’s Health targets all of your arm muscles to help you get strong, toned, and feeling great. You’ll need dumbbells to complete these exercises.

You also can do bicep curls and lateral raises if you have time to extend your workout.

2. Leg Workout

If you’re looking for a leg-shaking exercise routine, Daily Burn has you covered. You go from squats to lateral lunges to planks to even harder squats and lunges. Finish it up with some leg raises and reverse table top crunches to get you sweating in no time. Best part is you don’t need any equipment to do this workout.

3. Ab Workout

Your abs can be the hardest body group to hit, but they’re the most important because they affect your posture, balance, and other muscles. For this workout from Real Simple, you should invest in a yoga mat (to make floor exercises a little more comfortable) and a balance ball. Do some quick exercises from your stomach, back, and sides to have stronger abs in no time.

4. Back Workout

You may be wondering why you even need to target this area, but it helps you straighten your posture and the muscles around your spine. You should focus on these exercises especially if you work a desk job where you’re sitting most of the day. Check out this routine from Men’s Health for a list of targeted exercises.

5. Butt Workout

Vogue has you covered to make even JLo jealous of your bodacious booty.

6. Total Body Workout

If you only have 15 minutes to work on all of your body parts, go for a quick total body workout. Women’s Health has another great routine you can do in your home without any special equipment. Use your walls as leverage, and then jump, twist, and move to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning.

Don’t stress out over expensive gyms or a lack of time. If you’re dedicated to getting a workout in, you can do a lot in just 15 minutes.

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