We love our pets, right? Those cute little faces that look up at us with adoration and cheer, those little paws that scramble excitedly across the floor every time we get home, and that general presence every night that curls up near us as we lay down to go to bed- Pets are the best. But unfortunately, not every pet gets that loving experience that your cat or dog at home may have- some get abandoned or thrown away, homeless and looking for love and a hot meal every night.

That’s where our local neighborhood heroes come in. Animals shelters are a staple of the community. They take in animals that may be deemed “lost causes” and they spend money and resources turning their lives around and finding them a hot meal and a loving home.

It’s so important to support your local shelter, and here in San Antonio we have quite a few No-Kill Shelters that deserve all of the support in the world! So if you’ve got a couple extra bucks to donate this month, a few free days to volunteer, or are maybe even looking for a new addition to your family- Listen up!

San Antonio Humane Society – Offering shelter, care, adoption, rescue, and even community education programs, San Antonio Humane Society is one of the most helpful stops for any pet looking to turn their life around. Their website catalogues all their adoption ready animals and even keeps locals up to date with different pet wellness and adoption events nearest to your area! You can go to the link above now and learn about ways to keep your pet happy in this summer heat and also check out their urgent needs wishlist to help animals in need!

San Antonio Pet’s Alive –SAPA is not like your average shelter- in fact, it’s not a shelter at all. They are “a life-saving organization founded on the tenet: Killing is not a solution.” They pull animals from city shelters and rehabilitate them and give them hope. They have a Neonatal Kitten Nursery, where they provide nursing and housing to young kittens until they’re old enough to be adopted out. They also have a Parvo and Ringworm ward where they isolate and treat dogs and cats who are exposed to Parvo or Ringworm and treat them as needed. Check out their website to see the furbabies that are up for adoption today or even volunteer for one of their many events around the city!

Pause For Paws – Pause for Paws is a no-kill, all volunteer, non-profit shelter in your area! Their primary objective is taking in dogs directly from the streets and rescuing and rehabilitating them. They operate on your donations! Meaning that when you donate your money goes directly towards the medical care of a pup in need. Pause For Paws is hailed for taking on special needs cases that many shelters would not. Did you know that when they take in a dog they keep him until he or she is rehabilitated and ready for adoption? The process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 years for a pup to find their forever home. Stop by their website to check out their special events and different ways you can help their program!

You can support these groups by donating, volunteering, or even simply following them on social media and sharing their posts. But most importantly, you can really support these places by remembering how important it is to ADOPT!

Your new best friend needs you!

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