The holidays are time for being with family and friends, and this includes your pets. You need to give your pets special attention during the winter season to make sure they are comfortable and safe with the changes you’re making around your home. Here are a few tips on holiday safety for pets:

Don’t Feed Your Pets People Food

While you may be tempted to give your pets extra treats during the holidays, you may be putting them in harm’s way. You also need to pay attention to what your pets can reach on your countertops and tables to make sure they don’t get anything they’re not supposed to. The following three items are just a few of the most common items to avoid.

Secure all Decorations

Food isn’t the only thing you need to be careful of when it comes to holiday safety tips. Your Christmas decorations also can be a hazard, including the following:

Be Considerate When Throwing Parties

The holidays usually mean there are extra people coming in and out of your house. While some pets may love the hustle and bustle and attention they receive from your guests, others may be more nervous about the situation. Consider their feelings with the following holiday party occurrences:

The holidays should be a happy time for every member of the family, including your pets. Take a few precautions and watch them carefully during the holiday season to make sure they stay safe. 

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