June 17th is almost upon us- and that means Father’s day is here. Which means refrain from touching the air conditioner, don’t sit in his recliner, and prepare to spend some time at home watching the same 3 Freeform movies on repeat for the weekend.

If your dad is anything like mine- he lives for the little things. (And that sometimes makes it incredibly hard to shop for him.) Should I get him another cool tie? Ironic mug? Or maybe add to his Amazon Alexa collection, which he will undoubtedly use incorrectly because modern technology can be hard. Maybe I should get him that thing he’s been talking about for his car. Or a collector’s edition of that World War II movie he’s seen 10,000 times. What about that ironic apron and grilling set?

These are all great ideas, but they’re also all… so overdone.

How about this year you do something different? Forget staying in and watching the same movie over and over again, or doing that awkward family dinner where everything kind of feels a little bit forced? Let’s pack away the collection of quirky ties and bad homemade gifts and instead treat your dad to something he may not expect- some time out.

Surprise your dearest dad this Father’s Day by getting him out of the house. Make your old man ditch the slippers and put on some real shoes, because you’ve got the weekend to spend doing nothing but appreciating him!

Here are some unique ideas on how to spend this Father’s day weekend!


Saha Park is on your side this father’s day. Celebrating dad with free food, entertainment, prizes and more. Plus, it’s all for a good cause! Honoring the Homble Noble Awards, this fair even offers Health Services (like blood pressure assessments, and blood donation trucks!) Come out and support all the dads in your community, plus your own! It’s only a 17-minute drive from your doorstep at The Place at Castle Hills!


This one is right out of the movies! Wonderland of The Americas is once again doing their annual Father’s Day car show benefitting Arms of Hope Children’s Home. If your dad has a penchant for old cars, and live music- then this event is for you. Prepare to watch your dad nerd out over some old wheels and enjoy great music, vendors and booze! Less than 15 minutes away from your place at Oak Hills Apartments, this one is a no-brainer!


So your dad might be a big old nerd- and that’s okay. Especially since Mission Marquee Plaza is doing a free screening of Justice League to celebrate father’s day this year! The Venue opens at 7 PM on Saturday! You can enjoy local food trucks as you watch Superman and Batman join up to kick some serious butt. Pack up your lawn chairs and blankets and get ready for some fun dad time! Less than 30 minutes away from The Place at Shadow Valley, it’s time to suit up and join in on some Superhero fun!


If your dad is into sports, which, let’s be honest- most dads are- then you can grab him and head on over to Sanchos! Sanchos will be opening early this Father’s Day for World Cup Soccer! With a day filled with happy hour prices and free chips & salsa for you and your pop- it’s time to get together and enjoy some sports this father’s day. Just the way your dad wants it. Sanchos is less than 20 minutes from your place at Oak Hills or Castle Hills!


Get your dad a little buzzed this Father’s day by bringing him to Big Hops’ Belgian Ale showcase! They’ll be serving up fancy beers, wines, and cheeses all day! So treat yourself and your dad to a pint and get ready to experience some of the tastes of Belgium. Only 10 minutes away from your place at Castle Hills and Oak Hills! Get your cheese on!

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