Every March for the last 30 years San Antonians have celebrated Contemporary Art Month (CAM). Starting as a project led by the director of Southwest School of Art and Craft, CAM is now a full month-long event that takes place throughout San Antonio as well as a partner city. The Blue Star Contemporary museum launched the event yesterday, and we have all the information you need to take advantage of more than 400 exhibitions and 50 venues that are showing the best San Antonio art.

More About CAM

Contemporary Art Month’s mission is to organize contemporary art events around San Antonio, sponsor educational events, and promote the national profile of San Antonio contemporary artists. The museums, studios, schools, performing art spaces, and art galleries in San Antonio band together to create a calendar of events and show off the immense talent in the city.

CAMx City Partnership

Today, Rubio Gallery South will open the exchange exhibit with Miami, Florida’s Laundromat Art Space as part of CAMx (CAM exchange). Every year CAMx chooses one curator from another city to help organize the event and then pairs with an artist-run space in that same city. This year, San Antonio is partnering with Miami to organize an exhibit in both cities and give local artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a new audience and connect with other artists. Be sure to check out the partner exhibit from 7:00-10:00 p.m. at Rubio Gallery South.

Must-See Exhibits

There are an amazing amount of exhibits and events happening throughout the month of March. Pick a day (or two or three!) to see some great art and support local artists with the help of CAM’s calendar of events. If you still can’t decide, we’ve picked out a few must-see exhibits for you:


San Antonio Contemporary Art Month is a great way to get involved in the community and the local art scene. Check out CAM’s calendar, choose your favorite artists, and support San Antonio’s thriving art culture.

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