Are you craving cheese, beans, meat, and the best tortillas you’ve ever tasted? It sounds like it’s time for some of the best Mexican food in Leon Valley. We’ve picked out some of our favorite Mexican restaurants near our The Place at Shadow Valley apartments to satisfy your cravings.

Tia’s Taco Hut

Where: 6820 Huebner Road, Leon Valley, Texas 78238

Distance from The Place at Shadow Valley: 1.2 miles

Price: $

What: This Leon Valley restaurant is all about chorizo and tortillas. San Antonio residents rave about the papas con chorizo, enchiladas, and fajitas. It has a relaxed atmosphere and all the food comes with big portions at a good price.

Fruit Mix

Where: 7007 Bandera Road #14, San Antonio, Texas 78238

Distance from The Place at Shadow Valley: 1.4 miles

Price: $

What: When your family can’t agree on what to eat for dinner, head over to Fruit Mix for a wide range of options. They aim to provide healthy ingredients in their Mexican food, sandwiches, salads, mangonadas, fruit bar, and frozen yogurt. There’s something for everyone and you don’t have to worry about your kids fighting over where to go.

Rita’s Mexican Cocina

Where: Bandera North Shopping Center, 6406 Bandera Road, San Antonio, Texas 78238

Distance from The Place at Shadow Valley: 2.0 miles

Price: $

What: Rita’s Mexican Cocina is a great place to meet up with family and friends to enjoy some delicious Mexican food. It is a breakfast and brunch hot spot in Leon Valley, but customers also are excited to talk about the tacos and menudo.

El Buen Gusto Mexican Cafe

Where: 7709 Tezel Road, San Antonio, Texas 78250

Distance from The Place at Shadow Valley: 4.9 miles

Price: $

What: For a family owned restaurant experience, look no further than El Buen Gusto Mexican Cafe. Its customers can’t say enough about the friendly service and family atmosphere of this hidden gem. Be sure to try the carne asada tacos, menudo, enchiladas, or chicharrón en salsa verde.

Henry’s Puffy Tacos Express

Where: 3202 West Woodlawn Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78228

Distance from The Place at Shadow Valley: 5.6 miles

Price: $$

What: Puffy tacos are a San Antonio staple. While there may be a battle over who has the best puffy taco recipe, Henry’s is worth a stop for some great Tex-Mex. Be one of the 1,000 people who order puffy tacos (you won’t be sorry), or try their nachos, taco salads, burritos, or enchiladas. No matter what you get, it’s sure to be a tasty choice.

Leon Valley is full of delicious and authentic Mexican restaurants. 

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