It’s Sunday morning and you’re getting ready for the big game when you realize you have nothing to eat. You don’t have to panic, though. We’re here with five of our favorite tailgate snacks that you can whip up in no time.

Trail Mix

If your guests are on the way and you have nothing ready, you can easily throw together your own version of trail mix. Look for a blend of salty and sweet ingredients to keep it balanced. For example, you can blend together pretzels, Chex mix or Golden Graham cereal, peanuts, almonds, raisins, cranberries, and M&Ms or chocolate chips. This is the perfect snack when you’re short on time and have a big group with varying tastes. With all the ingredients, everyone is sure to enjoy it.

Bourbon-Glazed Cocktail Sausages

If you want to serve a more sophisticated version of mini hotdogs, this recipe from Better Homes and Gardens is for you. All you need is cocktail sausage links, maple syrup, apricot preserves, and bourbon (or orange juice if you don’t want to use alcohol). Mix everything together in a crockpot for four hours and serve with toothpicks.

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

Who doesn’t like pizza and beer when watching their favorite team dominate on the field? And if you can make it snack-sized, even better. To make this delicious appetizer adapted from Rachael Ray Magazine you need:

Once you have all your ingredients:


This is another classic game-day snack. You can make it sweet or spicy and creative as you want. Our favorite version includes avocado (mashed or chunky depending on your preference), jalapeños, red onion, tomatoes, garlic, lime juice, and a dash of salt. Serve your guac with tortilla chips, crackers, or pita chips to add a little salt and texture.

Bacon-Wrapped Smokies

We can’t finish a game-day list without some bacon. This treat from Cooking Ventures is addicting and delicious, so be prepared for them to fly off the platter!



No matter what you make for your next tailgate party, your guests will have a great time cheering on their favorite team with family and friends. Go team!

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