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Studio One

Studio One

8055 W Ave Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78213

  • NEIGHBORHOOD: North Central San Antonio, San Antonio

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Studio One

Studio One is a renowned San Antonio dance studio owned and operated by award-winning international competitive ballroom dancer Esteban M. Cardenas.

San Antonio’s Top Dancing Studio

Studio One has been committed to providing all students with the best dance instruction in the state. With their excellent service, collaborative spirit, and enthusiasm for dance, Studio One delivers an experience unlike anything else.

At Studio One beginners can learn how to ballroom dance – taking their first steps towards gliding across the dance floor with elegance and accuracy. The dance instructors are professionally trained in multi-dance style curriculums. They are students of dance as well, and continue their own training from some of the world’s most well-respected dance instructors to keep them up-to-date of the latest dance trends and teaching methods.

Some of Studio One’s teachers are award winning international competitive dance instructors. In fact, Studio One earned the 2013 Best Dance Studio in San Antonio, Texas and holds the title of Top Studio in numerous dance competitions.

Kids Dance Program in San Antonio

Studio One Kids Dance offers a fun filled curriculum with dance classes in hip hop, jazz, and ballroom both in studio and in after-school programming. It’s believed that dance can increase, stimulate and enhance emotional and physical development. So this is a great opportunity to give your child a positive extracurricular activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle and fun with new friends.

At Studio One Kids Dance the team works to nurture and develop each child while helping them reach their fullest dance potential. They even provide scholarship assistance through the KiKi’s Kids Dance Foundation.

Address: 8055 W Ave Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78213

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